Urgent Care 33410

Getting Urgent Care 33410

Urgent care 33410 is the provision of ambulatory care in a certain medical facility which is not inside the emergency room; it is done in the walk-in clinics and primary health care providers.

Urgent Care 33410 - 561-249-7626

The urgent care centers are designed to respond on emergency medical needs. They will treat injuries and illnesses which need immediate care but these injuries may only be minor that the emergency room may not be really required.

Clinics offering urgent care 33410 are conveniently located and easily accessible. These are open usually until late at night and on holidays and weekends; but here are also those who had their clinics open for 24/7. No appointment is needed when you need to avail an urgent care.

Licensed Professionals for Urgent Care Palm Beach Gardens 33410 area

It is really a misconception that urgent care is only administered by any health professionals. Take note, the urgent care office in 33410 is attended by a licensed primary health physician who is also trained to deal with wide array of emergency or urgent medical needs.

There may be instances when you need the services of your primary or family physician but he may not be able to do it right then and there, he will recommend you to an urgent care facility where there is a shorter wait list.

Urgent care physicians should have excellent and vast knowledge in handling urgent medical conditions and should establish close collaboration with the specialist and primary care physicians. The urgent care provider will provide first aid before you will be referred to your specialist. If there is a necessity to have the treatment in ER, they will also refer you to the appropriate facility.

Situations for Urgent Care clinics in 33410 to Provide Help

There are so called crucial situations where urgent care clinics can better help and that there waiting for your primary doctor is not an option. These are conditions that need immediate attention since they are considered life threatening. These are the following:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Chest pain
  • Broken or fractured bones and sprains
  • Burns
  • Bites
  • Rashes
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Fever, convulsions and seizures
  • Allergies
  • Poison
  • Foreign objects that have entered the nose or eyes
  • Choking
  • Drug overdose

The Scope of the Practices of the Urgent Care 33410

There may be an overlapping of functions involving the urgent care and the specialist in terms of patient care since the former takes the initial role of helping the patient. While the urgent care is done, the practitioner administering it may independently do the task or will also consult a specialist on what should be appropriately done.

Health practitioners of urgent care in Palm Beach Gardens in the 33410 area do not perform surgery but can of course can do minor repair on wounds and lesion removal. They do not also engage in continuing medical care of chronic health problems and in attending inpatients. Thus, they need to refer the patients to the hospitals for continuing care after the urgent medication is given. They cannot diagnose illness based on results of extensive laboratory tests. However, they can perform basic lab tests like urinalysis and pregnancy test.  For more information on urgent care in Palm Beach Gardens click here.


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