Things You Need To Know About School Physicals

Doctor examining child

Doctor examining child

Attending your child’s school physical with your family physician is a must do for every parent with a kid in school. This is because physicals are a great way to interact with your kid’s doctor and get to know how the young fellow is doing. Schools have adopted several measures to prioritize the health and safety of our kids. In spite of that, colds can spread very fast among the kids as they play.

Other hazards may include the germs they come into contact with as they play inside and outside the class. Let’s make the discussion a bit more interesting by breaking it down into several topics.

o What Is The Role Played By School Physicals?

Schools nowadays are not just institutions that monitor your child’s academic performance. It is the responsibilities of the schools to ensure that the child’s health is also okay. This ensures that the child’s academic development is not affected by any medical conditions that makes them less competent.
In addition to that, school physicals ensure that certain chronic illnesses are detected soon enough before they can spread and become difficult to contain. Physicals are also used to determine whether a student is physically fit to participate in certain school activities like sports.
The parent can also greatly benefit from the interaction with their child’s doctor. They can get to find out whether the school is causing any form of psychological trauma. Yes, it is true that schools can be a very intimidating place especially for new students.
o How Is A School Physical Done?

A school physical is just like any other typical medical exam. I you are wondering whether or not it is performed by a qualified doctor, wonder no more cause the answer is YES. Temperature, weight, and blood pressure measurements are first taken before an examination is performed.
If a positive diagnosis for any condition is arrived at, the child’s parent is usually informed before prescribing medication or transferring the case to a hospital in cases where the school facilities cannot handle.
o Which Kids Form Suitable Candidates For Physicals?

School physicals are sometimes conducted once in a year for all students. In spite of that, the parent should arrange for their kids to have a physical done at least twice in a year. Kids who have a history of conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and other illnesses considered to be chronic should be examined regularly.
o How Soon Can The Results Of A Physical Be Provided?

Examinations for simple cases such as colds, fevers, and stomach aches can be provided immediately after the physical. Others that involve laboratory tests and X-rays take a short time to come out. To facilitate this, most school clinics nowadays incorporate a small laboratory for performing the tests.
This eliminates the need to refer the child to another independent laboratory or medical facility. Examinations requiring X-rays and scanning equipment such as an ultrasound kit will mostly be referred. The costs involved in equipping school clinics with this set of equipment goes beyond the school budget.


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