Why Vaccinate?

Vaccines-ScheduleWelcome to this interactive piece on immunizations and vaccines. There has been a lot of talk lately about the roles that vaccines play in our lives. Others have spread conspiracies that vaccines are just a way of private medical research companies to enrich themselves. Could that be so? Is there any need to keep vaccinating our kids? Could vaccines be more harmful than helpful?

To answer these questions, we will have to go back to the very fundamental meaning of vaccinations and immunization procedures. We will seek to find out what the practice entails.

o What Is A Vaccine?

The basic definition of a vaccine is that it is the weakened strain of a disease causing agent that is introduced into the body to stimulate the body to secrete antibodies that attack and destroy the disease causing agent. I believe I got that right.
So, once the body secretes the antibodies, they stay in the blood system and will offer defence from future infections. A vaccine just works as how your cat would after you have trained it to hunt and eat mice.
o What Is Immunization?

Immunization is the process by which the body produces antibodies upon the introduction of a particular disease causing antigen. The body’s immune system is therefore said to have been enhanced. Future exposure to the disease-causing antigen will find the body better prepared to handle it.

Once bitten twice shy, right?
o Vaccination Versus Immunization

I personally find no difference whatsoever between the two terms. For me, either of them could just as well be the fancier version of the other. The terms can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing.
The only difference probably lies in the angle from which you are approaching the matter. Vaccination would suit the action of physically introducing a vaccine into the body while immunization would suit a description of how the body responds to the vaccine.
o What Are The Reasons Why It Would Be Good To Vaccinate?

To a larger extent, the decision to vaccinate is not usually left to the liberty of the parent. Some immunizations are mandatory and as such, the doctor has the green light to vaccinate especially when the alternative could be devastating.

The reasons include:

Vaccines save lives. This is undoubtedly the most important reason why you should vaccinate. A disease like Polio once used to kills thousands of people most of them being kids. A vaccine was discovered and the problem is no more.

They are proven to be safe. Before a vaccine is approved for use, it is subjected to numerous tests by several independent bodies. This ensures that the vaccine doesn’t cause complications.

• Prevention is always cheaper and better than cure. Vaccinations are very effective in protecting your loved one against certain illnesses. You won’t have to incur long-term medical costs in future.

Immunizations are a great way to ensure that the human race survives through harsh environmental conditions. Boosting the immune system increases our chances of surviving certain catastrophic illnesses that would otherwise wipe us out.

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